Ugolino is a new, Dublin-born alternative hip-hop artist, made up of vocalist, Shane Richardson, and producer, Oran Hurley. The conception of the duo's new alias has taken place over the last year, along with the creation of their debut album, set to release in 2021. Read more about the members below.


Shane Richardson


24-year-old Shane uses his writing to tackle issues that are personal but deeply relatable, combining gritty spoken word vocal deliveries with deep poetic technique. Having a keen interest in Irish poetry, Shane derived the duo's alias from Seamus Heaney's poem "Ugolino".


Oran Hurley

Producer & Composer

22-year-old Oran Hurley incorporates elements of jazz and Western Art Music with modern pop and hip-hop production to create lush instrumentals, which serve to highlight the emotional content of Shane's lyrics.